Who are we?

Wasaia Company is one of the first Emirati companies that has a special activity in managing and controlling the companies and the business projects associated risks. It targets the Arab World by offering support and consultations to various companies and business projects of all kinds, in order to preserve its wealth and help develop its management methods to achieve advantages that can help it compete in domestic and international markets.

The message

• Offering services that complies with Islamic shari’a to different types of companies to help preserve its wealth on the long run.
• Establishing effective ways to transfer wealth in the family from one generation to another, using reliable and sound standards, which suit the environment and circumstances of each institute and society to achieve the desired goal.
• Offering the desired guidance to entrepreneurs and business owners by developing effective plans, which help protect the assets and establishing ways to implement it effectively.


• Resolving disputes associated with properties and inheritance and making it reach a stage of understanding, cooperation and forgiveness to reach a peaceful solution.
• Making plans choosing scientific and Islamic concepts to convince all parties to rely on these concepts to protect the future generations’ properties.
• Archiving the history of these properties, to make a record of the properties and assets of previous generations to learn from them and to follow their steps.
Developing and training the future generations and preserving their rights to avoid any future conflicts.
• Supporting both local and international investment strategies, which is beneficial to our customers.
• Creating investment opportunities with fruitful return to help maintain and increase the wealth in the long term.


Wasaia company was established by a group of Emirati partners in order to start a strategic partnership and a fruitful cooperation, each in his own field of experience, due to their full knowledge and adequate awareness of the requirements and conditions of the Management of inheritance, property and assets according to the best standards, relying on their experience as arbitrators in the Arab and Islamic arbitration centers and the judicial guardianship of family property, inheritance, wealth, managing its financial and accounting matters and the management of the risks associated with such property and legacies.
Wasaia Company benefits from the strong Islamic and cultural values. In addition to its strong knowledge of the emirate business ethics and complying with the Islamic shari’a and local and international laws.

The investment opportunities

With various available investments in both the local and international markets and with many competitors who compete to reach the investors and make them invest in these investments in order to make attractive profit for one or both parties. Due to the many risks associated with these available investments, it was a must to start a reliable and trustful organization, which conducts real feasibility study to these investments and selecting the best of them and then presenting it to the money and property owners, who want to invest their money in good and profitable projects, which provide them with good return in the future.


Transparency - Credibility - confidentiality.