Business management and project restructuring

Wasaia Company supports businesses through good investment of the projects and making strategic and advisory plans to the financial and administrative restructuring and feasibility studies and developing funding plans.

Managing the risks associated with inheritance, property and assets

Wasaia Company makes strategic plans to protect properties and inheritance against all kinds of risks. In addition to making plans to implement these strategies. That will be done by establishing family council, which aim to gather information and documents that help make the right decisions as a source of strength and support upon trying to prove the eligibility of the inheritors in the inheritance.

Consultations and feasibility of economic and financial situations

Wasaia Company provides economical and financial consultations and feasibility studies for projects through multi-step tasks, through which you will gain more knowledge that will help you determine the feasibility of projects, through the following stages
• Analyzing and studying the market
• Analyzing and choosing the most suitable investment environment
• Analyzing and comparing between the different competitive advantages and choosing the best of the investment opportunities
• Analyzing and studying the economic and financial feasibility.

Real estate investment and asset management

Wasaia Company operates the real state and asset management operation in many different ways, which includes strategic plans in the real estate investment and risks simultaneously. It provides venture capital protection services, and direct participation, through the participation of other investing parties in order to develop it and protect the venture capital of both parties. It also manages the investments of all kinds: commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural, health and educational, through strategic consultants who are experienced and specialized in these areas. As well as developing investment plans and consultations for investors.

Providing services for business men

Wasaia Company provides many services, which can be summarized as follows:
• Organizing business partnerships
• Managing public relation between businessmen
• Managing workshops, meetings and presenting the investment opportunities that has economic and financial benefits
• Representing businessmen in projects
• Presenting services and financial and credit consultations and helping obtain the best special offers with the easiest banking facilities
• Management and investment logistic support for businessmen

Auditing accounts

• Wasaia company is considered as a monitoring and auditing center to all kinds of banking and financial accounts
• Inventory of property and assets with a financial, banking and accounting system on scientific and shari’a basis
• Managing the tax efficiently and providing its own reports through specialized consultants and experts
• Organizing the accounting directory for all business and commercial activities

Repayment of assets to the beneficiaries

One of the most specialized tasks that Wasaia company does is managing the risks associated with assets and properties submitted to them, which may happen either by failure of contractual relationship between the owners, or transferring money between persons, or looting properties after death, or after the occurrence of any accidental event to any of the owners. Wasaia company follow and go after anyone who trespass the ownership limit with all possible legal actions, by a local and international team who specializes in legal prosecution. Our company did many projects in which it provided legal and financial protection to the property and commercial companies owners and started many successful operations to transfer wealth and inheritance between generations.